Media Pack Shiraz


"Vibrant and Entertaining."
"Definate crowd pleasers."
"Attention grabbing."
These are just a few ways "Shiraz" comprised of Heather Rose, Piano Player, singer, Songwriter, Arranger, and Sheo White, Clarinet, Sax and Vocals have been described as over the past five years in their many performances up and down the coast.
Appearing in Clubs, Pubs, Festivals, and special events they are in demand as regular and resident performers.
Be it heart rending ballads, toe tapping, finger snapping boogie woogie, or grand renditions of classics, this talented Jazz Duo have made a solid name for themselves in the North Coast Music Industry.
Come along and find out why so many people return for a Shiraz performances.

...... Shiraz Jazz and Boogie Duo ......

Bringing entertainment to a venue near you.